POAPathon will be making a splash at ETHDenver 2022 by bringing back the illustrious POG.

What is a POG?
POGs were a popular game during the mid ‘90s. Players make a stack of pogs, also known as milk caps, and take turns dropping a heavier "slammer" object onto it, causing the caps to scatter. Each player keeps any face-up caps and is to restack the face-down caps, repeating the process until none land face down, at which point the player who collected the most caps wins the game. POGs also happen to take the same circular shape of a POAP.
Why POGs and POAPs at NFT.NYC?
We would like to bring fun to NFT.NYC and believe that POGs and POAPs are a fun way to bring people together.
We will provide people with the opportunity to collect and play with physical POGs while also receiving a digital POAP that proves they played POGs at NFT.NYC.

Why would I consider sponsoring POGs and POAPs?
POGs provide lasting visibility to sponsors that participate, as they are both fun and collectible.
We believe POAPs and POGs will help provide brands with increased visibility and exposure during and after the event.
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