What is Cryptogs Reborn?
Cryptogswas one of the first Ethereum games developed by a group lead by Austin Griffith in 2018 during ETHDENVER. The game has all been nearly forgotten and is currently in an unusable state. With the release of Cryptogs and POAPs at ETHDENVER 2022 we have decided to launch a new updated version of the game called Cryptogs Reborn.
Cryptogs Reborn TOG Packs
Cryptogs Reborn Packs will be available only on the Polygon network.
Minting a pack will only require you to pay the Polygon transaction gas fee.
Besides the mint gas fee minting a pack is free to ensure accessibility.
Donations to POAPathon are welcome: POAPathon.eth
What are ETHDenver Series TOGs?
There were only 2,000 packs that included 10 TOGs for Cryptogs Reborn ETHDenver Series available for mint and they've all been claimed.
In order to be eligible to mint a pack of POGs you must have held a qualifying POAP. The series has 71 unique TOGS which can be collected to complete a full set.
How do I particapate in Cryptogs Reborn?
We will be launching a new website at https://www.cryptogs.xyz

Please be sure to use only the official URL provided by POAPathon's website/discord.
Cryptogs Reborn Disclaimer
The Cryptogs Reborn project is for fun. The game contracts will be unaudited at launch.
You should only participate at your own risk and we assume no responsibility for use of this game or the tokens generated.
You are opting to participate at your own risk.
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